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The rise of mobile phones has been blamed for a number ofsocial ills, but your smart phone may also be making youphysically sick as well.


Scientists have identified a condition called cybersickness ,which they say is the digital version of motion sickness.

科學傢們認為, 暈屏幕病是電子版的暈動病。

The phenomenon, which affects up to 80 per cent of the population who own smartphones ortablets, leads to feelings of nausea and unsteadiness.


The condition was identified in a piece in the New York Times in which British and US experts saidthat it needed addressing. Cyriel Diels, a cognitive psychologist and human factors researcher atCoventry University s centre for Mobility and Transport, said: It s a fundamental problem that skind of been swept under the carpet in the tech industry.

英國和美國專傢在紐約時代周刊發表文章,指出這種癥狀和解決的必要性。西裡爾 狄爾斯是英國考文垂大學運動中心的認知心理學傢和人類基因組研究人員,他認為:“這是一種基本問題,在科技產業中非常常見。”

It s a natural response to an unnatural environment. Motion sickness leaves sufferers feeling illbecause they feel movement in your muscles and your inner ear but do not see it.

對於非自然環境來說,這是一種自然而然的反應。 暈動病患者會覺得很難受,因為他們的肌肉和耳部能夠感受到運動,但是卻看不到。

The mismatch in digital sickness is the opposite - you see movement on the screen but do not feelit. The effect is the same and the symptoms include a headache, wanting to throw up, confusionand the need to sit down. Often cybersickness manifests itself in a subtle way and sufferers put itdown to stress or eyestrain.


Steven Rauch, a professor of otolaryngology at Harvard Medical School, said: Your sense ofbalance is different than other senses in that it has lots of inputs. When those inputs don t agree,that s when you feel dizziness and nausea.

史蒂芬 勞克是哈佛醫學院的耳鼻喉學教授,他認為: 你的平衡知覺和其他知覺不同,有許多輸入信息。如果這些信息輸入不同步,你就會覺得頭暈和惡心。

Some studies that have been carried out into cybersickness found that women are moresusceptible than men, the New York Times reported.


Those who have Type A personalities - meaning they are confident and assertive - are more likelyto suffer from cybersickness as well.

那些 A型 人格的人——這些人自信果斷——更容易患上暈屏幕病。

Among those who have reported experiencing the condition have been video gamers who spendhours playing fast paced games.


Cinema-goers have struggled with some scenes in action movies which have quick cuts and fastediting - and virtual reality has made the problem even worse.


Jonathan Weinstein, a professor at the Kanbar Institute for Film and Television at New YorkUniversity s Tisch School of the Arts, said: The idea is to get audiences to feel like participants inthe action rather than outside observers of the action.

喬納森 文斯坦是紐約大學人文學院康貝爾電影電視學院的一名教授,他認為: 電影是讓觀者能夠參與其中的動作,而不是旁觀者。

It makes viewers more connected to the story - or it makes them hurl because in a film there sreally no horizon to look at.


Engineers at Oculus VR, the virtual headset manufacturer, have admitted that digital motionsickness is one of their biggest problems.


Other virtual reality users have even had flashbacks akin to those experienced by drug users ifthey are on the headset for too long.


Thomas Stoffregen, professor of kinesiology at the University of Minnesota, said: The morerealistic something is, the more likely you are going to get sick.

托馬斯 史多弗瑞金明尼蘇達大學人體運動學的教授,他說:“現實程度越高,可能你就會越難受。”

No one got sick playing Pac-Man.



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