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Life can quickly change from great to grim at any given moment. Theseunexpected shifts can startle and frighten us, which in turns makes us feelnegative. It could be something as simple as stubbing a toe when getting out ofbed that sets the tone for the entire day. If we cultivate more awareness aroundtrying to be positive, however, we have the power to radically change the way wefeel.


I know that positive thinking often gets a bad rap. That's becausenegativity is often mistakenly perceived as powerful and decisive, with an edgeof hip cynicism. Positivity, on the other hand, is often wrongly viewed as puny,entreating, and even feeble-minded. But consider that protracted over time,unchecked, accumulated negative feelings such as anger and hostility, can resultin health damaging consequences.


In his book Love Survival, Dr. Dean Ornish writes, "In an analysis ofover 45 studies, hostility has emerged as one of the most important variables inheart disease. The effects of hostility are equal to or greater in magnitude tothe traditional risk factors for heart disease: elevated cholesterol levels,high blood pressure, and so on."


Luckily, contributions from the field of Positive Psychology are nowverifying the importance of positivity, not only suggesting that it is far morepotent than we think, but that it is a powerful component necessary for optimalhealth and overall well-being. In her book Positivity, renownedresearcher Dr.Barbara Fredrickson writes:


For example, positive emotions that are broadening such as feeling curious,playful and compassionate towards a stranger can result in building a possiblelife-long friendship.


When experiencing the stress of negative emotions, we tend to be moresusceptible to cardiovascular effects such as increased heart rate and bloodpressure, higher blood sugar, and immune suppression. Prolonged exposure tonegative emotions can eventually lead to coronary artery disease.


Some Simple Suggestions for Increasing Positivity:


1. During the day, be mindful of wins: a satisfying completion of aproject, a kind gesture, a humorous email, or an unexpected compliment.


2. Take a full body stretch every hour. Snag a brisk walk with a coworkeron your lunch hour. Enjoy your favorite healthy snacks, and keep hydrated.


3. Ritualize your transition at the close of the workday. Consciouslydecide what you want to bring home with you. Leave the burdens and upsets of theday behind. Sit in the car for a few minutes and breathe deeply. When you gethome, take time to relax and unwind with a guided five-minute "Lying On Back"gentle yoga stretch.


4. Contact and connect with loved ones. Call, text, email, send a loveletter or a shared photo of a happy memory. Laugh, dance, share a meal, sittogether, hold hands, cuddle.


5. Make an ongoing list of what is NOT broken. Keep a gratitudejournal.


Developing a positive attitude greatly enriches our lives as well as thatof those around us. Cultivating positivity can alter your body, mind and spiritin formidable ways that will aid you in creating your best life. As Dr.Fredrickson writes, "The treasure of your own positivity is waiting for you.




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