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arlier this year, Microsoft unveiled a viral tool that claimed to be able to guess your age from a single photo.


Outraged 20 year-olds took to social media when they were told they looked 40, while middle-aged men were given a boost when the software said they looked 30.


Now, Microsoft is doing the same thing with emotions, with a new online tool that they say can reveal how a person is really feeling in their images.


When tested on celebrities, it found Kate Middleton was elated on her wedding day, with the Duchess of Cambridge scoring a 100 percent rating on happiness.


Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian's 'neutral face' in a photo snapped while with husband, Kanye revealed that she was around 70 percent happy.


The remainder of her emotions range from contempt to anger and disgust.


And while Taylor Swift may appear elated, her image shows that she's only around 40 percent happy.


According to Microsoft, when accepting the Video of the Year award for 'Bad Blood', the singer was also 10 percent surprised.

根據微軟的信息,在因《敵對》(Bad Blood)獲得年度最佳視頻獎時,這位歌手的情緒中還有10%的驚訝。

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's look at Senator Marco Rubio yesterday betrayed contempt mixed a degree of happiness.


The software will take any photograph you upload, identify the faces, and then give each a score based on a series of different emotions.


It provides a rating for anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise - and anyone can test a trial version here.


You can upload your own images of your own face, which must be at least 36 pixels square and smaller than 4MB.


To see how the software thinks you're feeling, hover over the rectangle around face and you'll see different emotions graded on a scale from zero to one.


A score of one suggests that you're feeling that emotion 100 percent.


Chris Bishop, head of Microsoft Research Cambridge, showed off the emotion tool earlier today in a keynote talk at Future Decoded, a Microsoft conference.

在今天早些時候在微軟會議Future Decoded的主題報告上,微軟劍橋研究中心主任克裡斯·畢修普展示瞭這款情緒測評軟件。

'The exciting thing has been how much interest there is and how diverse the response is,' said Ryan Galgon, a senior program manager within Microsoft's Technology and Research group.

“令人興奮的莫過於其中的趣味性與回應的多樣性,”微軟技術研究部門高級項目經理賴恩·加爾貢(Ryan Galgon)說道。

The software is based on machine learning, which means it gets smarter as it receives more data.


It's the basis for major breakthroughs including Skype Translator's real-time translation and Microsoft's Cortana personal assistant.

包括Skype Translator的實時翻譯、微軟小娜個人助手等重大技術突破都是建立在該原理之上。

In the case of something like facial recognition, the system can learn to recognise certain traits from a training set of pictures it receives.


It can then apply that information to identify facial features in new pictures it sees.


Galgon said developers might want to use these tools to create systems that marketers can use to gauge people's reaction to a store display, film or food.


They might also find them valuable for creating a tool, such as a messaging app, that offers up different options based on what emotion it recognises in a photo.




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